Bracelets, Beads and Earrings!

Here are a few pics of the bracelets and handmade beads I've been working on:
I think I may rework the bracelets to incorporate some more intricate knotting using some maedeup techniques (Korean knotting). The silver bead I crafted from metal clay. I did a few smaller ones also but they haven't made it to a bracelet yet. I've only done the one design in copper so far but I've got a few ideas for additional designs. I'm hoping to list these soon. With respect to the bracelet I mentioned in the last post, I still haven't determined the identity of that bead - the shop where it was purchased is open only one day a week right now and I missed my window of opportunity last week. I'll try again!

I'm not sure if I mentioned this but I'd been spending my time on earrings for gift bag donations. I made 10 pairs in all but only had the presence of mind to photograph 4 pairs which is unfortunate. They were all different designs and I was pretty pleased with how they came out but, of course, now I can't remember the exact designs! All were made with copper sheet.

A few other noteworthy items: I finally got a light box!! Very cool light box kit with 2 backgrounds, 2 lights and a tripod. I'm not a fan of the tripod - can't get close enough with the macro setting. These photos were all shot in the light box but I'm not sure if I see any improvement. I do believe that I am just an incredibly inept photographer. Maybe I need different props? Or backgrounds? What do you think?

And the last item is a proclomation of sorts. One of those "if you build it, they will come" kinda statements. I'm hoping that putting it down in black & white with witnesses will help me follow through. So.............I'm planning to submit my work to the Sundance Catalog. There. I've said it. Have I already made this statement? Looking through previous blog posts, I realize that I have. Maybe the second time's the charm?? Anyway, I'm still not sure which pieces and I've actually got another line in mind so it may end up taking a bit of time but that's my goal. I've got a few other lofty ambitions tickling my brain and I'll share those as well but one thing at a time!


YarnCoture said...

Very nice jewelry!

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

I love those beads, and I'm sure the other earrings were as pretty as these!
Congrtas and good luck with the Sundance Catalog!

italiancharm said...

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