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Now that I have some dedicated space to work on my jewelry, I'm finding even more of a desire to improve my skills and learn new techniques. And of course, new skills require new tools so I've begun a wish list ;-) Now, I'm not talking major tools - actually, the tools on my list I would guess most would consider a necessity and are quite reasonable. So I'll share with you:

I'd like a bench pin and a ring holder. I haven't done much stone setting as of late but I want to work on my bezel skills. These tools will make the job much easier. And of course I'll need a bezel roller!

Next on my list is a rotary tumbler. I'm becoming quite good at polishing with my rotary tool but a tumbler will also work harden my pieces. Good for smaller items like ear wires and post earrings.

I really need a Doming Block and Punch set. This should be at the top of my list and will make it a bit easier to create my spinner rings.

Last on my list (at the moment!!) is a Punch & Die Kit. Currently I'm cutting my shapes with what I believe are 20-year-old tin snips - not fun!! Granted, not everything I need to cut is a circle and I do have a jewelers saw (at which I'm not yet proficient!!) but this will certainly help!

So what's on your wish list?? What tool can't you live without? Share with me so I can add to my list ;-)


Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

YAY for tools! I love them! When you get a bench pin, it's best to get the one that clamps to your table and has a hole, like this one: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=21269315&ref=sr_list_4&&ga_search_query=bench+pin&ga_search_type=supplies&ga_page=&includes[]=tags&includes[]=title
You'll need a curved burnisher for smoothing your bezels, too. The straight ones suck and scratch the crap out of your work!
Be sure you get a good disc cutter or it will just make life harder! I had a crappy one from Harbor Freight and it never cut a good disc. The P.E.P.E. ones are expensive but well worth the money. I'm all for cheap tools, but sometimes it pays to go for quality. I've been slowly upgrading all of my tools.
I use a steel bench block ALL the time, so if you don't have one already, you'll need it or an anvil. I have a small jeweler's anvil that my Dad bought at an auction.
I can't live without hammers, snips, torches, rotary tools, the list is endless! Have fun buying tools!

Laurel said...

HOW the he-double-toothpicks do you makes those spinner rings without a doming block?????

I am STUNNED that you can do such fabulous work and not have these most basic of tools. (my mouth is open in shock and awe)

OH, and everything Tammy dear said.....TRUE!

Bonhomie Jewelry said...

Thanks, Tammy! I looked at a bench pin like that but decided on this instead....can't remember why so I'll get the one you've suggested! I do have an anvil (a tiny one and I can't figure out what to do with it!!) and two bench blocks (one attached to my vice grip) so I'm all set on that. I was really hoping to be able to get the disc cutter from Harbor Freight....shoot! What/where are the P.E.P.E ones?

And thank you, Laurel! Actually it was Tammy who 'taught' me to do the spinner rings...I use my ball pein hammer and bench block but they sometimes come out warped! I really wish I had someone to show me how to use my jewelers saw!!

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