New bench..........

Okay, it's not an actual jewelers bench but it is a dedicated area to work on my jewelry!! No hauling a heavy toolbox back and forth to the kitchen table, no packing & unpacking every time I need to make a piece of jewelry, no standing at the kitchen stove while I solder and fire pieces, trying to stay out of the way of whoever might be in the kitchen. Hip, hip, hooray!!! Here's a pic of my new set up:

I'm sharing space with the home office (desk is on the opposite wall) AND the chair but I don't mind! I've a few more purchases to make to finish up my bench...........I'm considering cutting an arc in the middle for easier access all around since the table is a bit deep. What do you think? I'd like to hear about your preference - cut out or not?

Now off to create!!!

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Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

I love it! I finally bought a workbench, too. It's not a jeweler's bench either, but it's really nice. I got it at Harbor Freight, on sale!
If I were you I wouldn't do the cut out, because you'll lose space. I need every inch of space, because I'm messy! :) It's great to have a dedicated workspace, too, but it seems like I live in mine. LOL

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