It's a Brand New Year (and there's a SALE going on!!)

One of my favorite songs is SheDaisy's Brand New Year (My Revolution):

"Learning to turn the outside inside out,
Having the courage to find what life is all about,
Loving so purely can surely melt a frozen heart,
Knowing sometimes all over's the perfect place to start...."

I read a post on Janice's blog A Metalsmith's Journey and noticed that her idea of resolutions are quite similar to mine. I'd also been contemplating on establishing some cohesion to my work so I posted a comment. Then she asked how I was coming along with my goals so I figure I'd better post an update!

With respect to my jewelry business goals, I've begun a bit more advertising.........I've set up Project Wonderful campaigns for both my etsy and 1000markets stores and I've begun advertising in Craigslist as well. I haven't noticed a tremendous difference yet but I plan to keep at it.

This week, I'd like to update my store banners........still the same look but with a bit more 'pop' and begin some business plans. Later today, I'll be working on a schedule that encompasses EVERYTHING. Jewelry business, personal life and VA/Legal Billing business. I'll let you know how that goes!

But here's the big news............I'm clearing out a lot of inventory at my Etsy shop. HUGE sale!! I mentioned cohesion earlier. Taking a look at recent treasuries in which I've been included, most of the pieces have a similar 'feel'. I enjoy all of the techniques and styles I've worked with but I'm really drawn to metalwork so I'm headed in that direction. New pieces have been listed in both shops and I'm trying to come up with designs for all price points.

So........new year and new focus which will hopefully lead to new success! Wish me luck and I wish the same to you!

PS: not nearly as innovative but you might notice I've added a new signature (courtesy of mylivesignature) and I've implemented sezwho commenting. Not sure what that will bring but we'll see! Doesn't hurt to try, right?


Janice said...

ok, now I have to go check out what is sezwho.

You've got some really great tangible goals. Mine are like big overriding goals - I think I need to break them down into ones like - make a new banner - or whatever - things that I can accomplish and actually SEE they are done.

I'm glad I read your post!!

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

I love your metalwork! Especially the copper and silver, cause a lot of my work is mixed metals. The copper wave ring is awesome!
I don't make resolutions because I never kept one! LOL

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