Snow Day............

We've got an anticipated 6 inches or so of snow coming, Hubby - since part of his job is snow removal - is working odd hours, Little Man has been awake since 3:00am (it's now almost noon!!) and I'm waiting for him to crash so my schedule is kinda off today.

I'm taking advantage of this self-imposed lull to do some research on marketing options. Yay for me, I'm working on my list of goals already!! I mentioned some time before that I've opened up shop on 1000Markets. 1000Markets has an added benefit of shop 'stats'. As you can see by my sidebar, I'm using Entrecard and Project Wonderful. I've set up a different a different PW ad for my 1000Markets shop - this ad is animated whereas my blog ad is not - and I'm going to attempt to track and compare my success between shops. At some point in time, I need to do more research in creating successful campaigns in both and I'll start with Timothy Adams. Anyone have any additional learning resources?

I've updated my flickr account and am considering an application to Trunkt. Thoughts? Suggestions? I'm not in the market to wholesale at this point but I'm looking for additional exposure.

I just stumbled across Craft Juice.......not quite sure of the workings but I'm beginning to submit items linked to my 1000Markets shop and see if I get an increase in shop views. I've been 'twittering' a lot lately but I'm a bit overwhelmed with that - I need to get it a bit more manageable. My followers have increased ten-fold but now I'm missing those tweets by those I'd most like to follow!

Lastly, my thoughts at 4:00am this morning turned to setting up a website for my jewelry and directing purchases to either my etsy or 1000markets shop, depending upon the buyers payment preference. I know I've seen other crafters with the same idea.........how's it working out for you??

I realize it's all a bit unorganized but I feel better that I'm doing something. I'll keep you posted on my progress and please, please, please feel free to add your tips to my comments!


Chrisbeads said...

Hi Kirstie,
I had a similar idea about a website and directing traffic to Etsy for purchasing (also a site called Mintd). Website has been running now for a year and I have also had my blog running for quite some time. I drop, blog and waste oodles of time on computing but really feel that there is no additional sales on either Etsy or Mintd due to this. Disappointing, and I will have to rethink during the New Year. In the mean time, any ideas welcome from others.

Janice said...

Soooooooo, how's it going so far? Any ideas for getting more cohesive in your work? (thanks for commenting on my blog - maybe we can help encourage one another?)

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