Thursday Thirteen #3 - Favorite Songs

Okay, I'd been thinking and thinking, trying to decide what this week's 13 would be. "Favorite Songs" popped into my head so I'm gonna go with it. It may be a challenge for me to actually remember the titles to thirteen songs but here goes. In no particular order:

  1. Get Over It - Eagles
  2. There's a Better Place - Faith Hill
  3. Paint it Black - Rolling Stones
  4. T-R-O-U-B-L-E - Travis Tritt
  5. Sign O the Times - Prince
  6. Y Hubo Algien - Marc Anthony
  7. Mary Did You Know - Kathy Mattea
  8. You Are My Hiding Place - Selah
  9. El Shaddai - Amy Grant
  10. Feelin' Way Too Damn Good - Nickelback
  11. Come Away With Me - Nora Jones
  12. Fallin' - Alicia Keys
  13. At Last - Etta James
And there you have it! Kinda eclectic, huh? Wasn't as hard as I thought it would be! I could've gone on and on........ ;-) Now go check out everyone else!


Whitney said...

Love all of those songs!
Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your jewelry is beautiful!

Marina Kuperman said...

I don't know half of them. where have i been?????
See if you can find the craziest animal?
TT13 Animals

Nicholas said...

I was thinking I didn't know any of those but then I got to #13 which I love. It has special significance to me.

Lifecruiser said...

Me to love all those songs. Such a great list. Music always get me in good mood, even though they sometimes can be pretty sad.

My Thursday Thirteen post:
I challenge you to help to save a kids life

Malcolm said...

Paint It Black by The Stones is my favorite from your list. It makes me think of the 80s Vietnam War show "Tour of Duty".

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