Thursday Thirteen #2

I apologize for being out of the loop a bit lately. It's been kinda busy over here. Hopefully I'm back on track and will be out on a visit to your blog soon!

So here's my second installment of Thursday Thirteen.........13 things I'd like to do or accomplish in my lifetime:

  1. vacation in New Orleans;
  2. vacation in Ireland;
  3. vacation in Fuji (do you sense a trend??);
  4. take up ballroom dancing again;
  5. have a spa weekend with my best friends;
  6. build my business to the point that it contributes at least half of our household income;
  7. see our son graduate from college;
  8. watch our son marry the woman of his dreams - and mine ;-)
  9. sing lead with a jazz trio;
  10. own a vacation spot in Charleston, SC;
  11. see my husband go back to his own successful business;
  12. complete some major renovations to our house ourselves; and
  13. retire without worry!
Check out the original Thursday Thirteen to see what others list! Or add links to your Thursday Thirteen in my comments!


Nicholas said...

I hope you manage to do them all!

Lazy Daisy said...

You go girl...it will be interesting to go back to your list in a few years and see how many you accomplished.

Casey's trio said...

Thanks so much for stopping by our blog and saying hello. BTW,
you have some beautiful jewelry.

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