Opinions please..........

I still haven't finished retaking the photographs of all my pieces but I want to get your opinion. I've added a poll to my sidebar so please - weigh in!!!

Here are a few of the new:

And here are the corresponding pieces in the original photos:

If you're undecided or like some old/some new, please leave me a comment!



the undomesticated wife said...

I like the new photos...the details are much easier to see. Great pieces!!

I was hyperthyroid too, then had the radioactive iodine therapy. Haven't been able to get my meds adjusted ever since. It's really horrible. I feel awful, can't shed these extra 8 lbs I gained from it no matter what I do and it's really bringing me down. Hopefully something will work soon, because it's been a long time since I felt good.

I'm glad your meds are working!

nikkicrumpet said...

I like the new photos for sure...they show off your GORGEOUS stuff so much clearer!

Erin said...

I too like the new photos best, with the exception of the first piece. I like the old photo of that better. My least favorite part of doing what I do is the photography end of it.

teleTwenties said...

I liked the shadows in the old photos from an artistic stand point, but think the new photos are better to sell your products, which are gorgeous by the way!

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