fab finds……{brrrr!!!}

i mentioned in an earlier post the pre-halloween freak snow storm we had up here. a  nor’easter plus no power made for some pretty cold nights!



time to break out the winter wear! i found some really comfy, cozy items on etsy:

i love hand knit socks! but i'm still working on my second pair from last winter *blush*



and these are awesome! also made a pair of these but shorter (and not as cool!)


and how cute is this? nope, never made one of these and SERIOUSLY doubt i've the patience and follow through to even attempt it...


stylish and warm! y'all already know i've never made anything like this. i'd be bragging all over the place if i did ;-)

               Source: etsy.com via Kirstie - Bonhomie Jewelry on Pinterest


i have to say that my favorite cold weather wear go-to item is my hand knit socks, by far!

what’s your favorite??

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