encouraging words wednesday….{daily rejoicing}

“this is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”
~psalm 118:24

that was my first tweet this morning. and because it was, this verse (and hymn) will be going through my head all day. and i’m so glad!

every so often (and probably more often than that!) my mood sucks. you’ve had those days, right? (say i’m not the only one!) and most times it begins in the morning. maybe i woke up too late or i woke up too early or there’s not enough coffee……..blah, blah. the list goes on and on and it sometimes seems so easy to put me on the other side of a good day.

but not always. there are those times that i wake up, i’m feelin positive and it stays with me through the day. so what’s the difference?

intention (my “one little word” for this year!)

sunrise3 God has given us this day. we have a brand new beginning every morning – a clean slate. so what do we choose to do with what He has given us? complain? sulk? yell at our children and our husbands so they can have a lousy day, too? (yes, i know – misery loves company. and i have to remind myself constantly that that’s NOT the way!)

if we intentionally choose, every morning, to hold fast to this truth: “this is the day the Lord has made…” and remember that He works only for the good, then we will “rejoice and be glad in it”!

but satan loves to mess with us, doesn’t he? so maybe we need some reminders throughout our day. how about some praise or gospel music? used to be that it was all we listened to in the car. now that we have satellite radio, little man listens to his kid’s station. and i’m noticing a biiiiig difference. not in him. in me! i need those reminders and i find that – like most of us – music generates a more immediate response. so i plan to make it a regular part of my day.

how about some other reminders? maybe your favorite verse on a notecard taped to the mirror? and i love the bible verse wall decals. or maybe you’re lucky enough to be able to take some quiet time with your bible during the day.

whatever it is, whatever you do. begin your day with intention. the intention to rejoice in all He has provided, to marvel at all the wonder of our own little world, to be glad for all He can and will do for us!

what daily reminders do you use to refocus your thoughts on God?

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