encouraging words THURSDAY….{finding community}

though i missed yesterday, it’s never too late for an encouraging word – can i get an ‘amen’!

i want to start off by saying that, although i post this as a weekly series of sorts, i don’t really follow any particular format. i also don’t go back and read the encouraging words posts from the past (though perhaps i should!) so i might repeat a topic from time to time. the topics of these posts are driven by what’s been laid on my heart that particular morning. if i’m repeating a topic, it’s because God’s got something to say! ;-)

church this past sunday, we attended a new church. we’re going to give it a few weeks to see if this is where we should be but it was SO GOOD just to be there! we’ve been trying to find a new home church for some time and, after trying this one and that one, we became discouraged. it became easier to just stay home on sundays. but not attending church began to wear on me. i was feeling spiritually weak. this has made real to me just how big a part community plays in my spiritual health.

“again, i tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. for where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.”
~ matthew 18:19-20

as christians, we’re meant to fellowship with one another. we’re meant to HEAR the word of God. we’re meant to support one another. we’re meant to praise Him as one. regular attendance at a church meets all those requirements.

now, that’s not to say that church is the only place to find community in the Lord. i have a core group of friends, all christian, godly women, who i spend time with (and rely on!) on a regular basis.

another source of christian community i’ve found is right here in the blogosphere. many of the blogs i read on a regular basis i’ve found through faith blogs. i’ve ‘met’ so many inspiring women in all walks of life. within these blogs i’ve found strength, support, knowledge, laughter…….blogging can truly be a blessing, to yourself and to others! i can honestly say that the blog community that i’ve found has played a HUGE part in sustaining my walk in faith and i’m so grateful.

i’m determined to prayerfully find a home church, one that fits our family and it’s needs, so that we can begin to commune and fellowship in Christ as we’re meant to. but i will also continue to dwell in and grow my blog community. i’m finding it to be just as important.

where do you find community?

(just before publishing this post, i DID go back and read my other “encouraging words” posts. yes, i have repeated topics but boy, oh, boy. God has surely been working in my life! reading back what he’s brought me through……all i can say is praise Jesus! i hope and pray that even just one word from this series might bless another as much as i’ve been blessed!)

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