dear aidan…..{happy birthday!}

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to my dearest aidan,

today, you are five years old. that’s approximately 2,095 days that you have been the very beat of my heart. the doctors said that you probably wouldn’t happen. and when you did, they said it would be difficult – you may not make it. yet here you are, my gift from God. you are growing up so very fast but i’m enjoying every second of it!


your first word was ‘mama’ and i love that that’s what you still call me – i hope you always will. you are such a smart boy and i’m so, so proud of you! right now, you’re so curious and you love to learn. you seem to soak it all in without me even realizing! you’re headed off to kindergarten this year – full day kindergarten! i really can’t imagine you away from me for 7 whole hours, 5 days a week. this will be a learning and growing period for us both.

i’m so happy that you call david your best friend – he and his family are our family, too. i hope you always surround yourself with positive influences – stay close to others who love the Lord.

you’re always singing or humming. i can’t tell you what joy it brings me when i hear you singing a song of praise or worship to God. you’re a big fan of the drums and you may be showing some promise on the keyboard – be it musician, teacher, baker - whatever you do, do it with a song in your heart, my baby.

you love legos, toy story (1,2 & 3) and pixars cars (1 & 2). when you choose to be patient, you’re pretty good at building the lego sets but usually, you create your own works of art. you love to draw and paint and i think you’ve the makings of a fabulous artist.


true to your heritage, you are a big boy for your age yet you’re very gentle with others. you have a very sensitive soul and, while i worry for you constantly, i pray that nothing ever happens to harden your heart.

even though you hate it when mama does your hair, you stand by me and won’t let others convince you to get a buzz cut. (thank heavens!!) you never give me a hard time about the clothes i choose for you and you’re sometimes very helpful in choosing mine!

i am so lucky to have you, aidan leigh. i wouldn’t change a thing about you and i’m so looking forward to seeing who you become, every.single.day. you are the light of my life and i love you with all my heart.



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