real life….{i am SOOO not crafty!!}

sooooo…... i’ve been getting all these awesome ideas for little man’s birthday party from this wonderful blogosphere of ours. there are so many crafty people out there willing to share their mad skilz. my mom was incredibly crafty. i went away to camp for 2 weeks and came home to a platform bed with a built-in dresser, a desk and attached matching bookcases with doors on the bottom for storage. that she built herself. with her own two hands. and no do-it-yourself kit, either. wow. she painted and stenciled and faux-finished and baked and sewed…….seriously, she was who martha stewart wanted to be. and if she were here now, she’d be shaking her head with amused pity.

cuz her daughter may be talented but that doesn’t mean she’s crafty!! case in point:

goldfish-in-a-bag soaps. cute, right? my idea for one of the carnival prizes. and……………..

here’s my version:

fish collage the water is crooked. really? how does that even happen?? i’m going to scare small children by handing them bags of dead-looking goldfish.

and this inspired me:

i didn’t trust myself with glass and silicone sealant – just sounds scary. so i found a couple of melamine tiered trays at my local goodwill with some ugly print. just spray paint, right? how hard could it be? ummmmmmmm……

cupcake collage yup, all over the plates are those lovely pooled paint marks. at least this i could recover from:

dots cupcake

a little scrapbook paper and they’re none the wiser. mwah ha ha!

so, share with me your recent crafting adventures!

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