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slowly (oh, so slowly!) i’m getting back into my groove. promoting my business, designing new pieces, catching up on my favorite blogs and finding new ones (yay!)

i mentioned in this post that i really wasn’t sure what i was doing with my blog. moments ago, after reading the blogs that really draw me, i realized what it is that’s been bugging me about mine. i’m not really being authentic. don’t get me wrong. i’m certainly not tellin’ tales, y’all! what i mean is, in those blogs that i return to over and over again, there’s a transparency there. i feel like i KNOW the author. ya get me? yeah, i’m pretty upfront with many things but you don’t really see my day-to-day. i mention my family often but do you really know who we are? so why that void? i think it’s because i’m a bit insecure.i don’t believe i’m that interesting. i’m a horrible photographer. and frankly, more often than not, i forget to take the picture all together. it’s kinda difficult to share my experiences when i forget to document them, ya know? but i’m gonna try to do better. aside from my “scheduled posts”, i’ll try throw in some real life stuff…..

like how i’ve been spending my summer:


lotsa time in the pool – not ours, but our uncles’ next door. little man LOOOOVES the water! sometimes it’s a little scary because he thinks he can swim (he can’t) so he really has no fear. bad mama still hasn’t managed to get him signed up for swim lessons in time (i don’t know about y’all but i don’t even begin thinking about swimming until it’s hot! by that time the lessons are over) so daddy’s been taking the reigns and trying to teach him.


i’ve been wanting some stuff to spruce up my studio walls and found myself on a creative kick inspired by this. don’t laugh. yeah, i know – mine doesn’t quite look the same. but it makes me happy :-) what you can’t see is the ‘matching’ canvas that i began and still haven’t finished. that’s pretty much what happens when i’m feeling creative……i get over it.

IMAG0343 just because he’s so cute ;-)

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