mother’s day…..

kitetoday is mother’s day. i’ll be spending the day with my mom. a mom who sacrificed and spoiled and spanked and loved and taught and led and believed. my mother taught me to love the Lord and she taught me how to love my son. recently, she taught me how to have a positive attitude in dire circumstances. she and i may not always get along – more accurately, we’re like oil and water – but i love her and she loves me.

this is the last mother’s day that i’ll spend with my mom. i write this today because i won’t have the words later but her love and her courage deserve documentation. she fought hard but this illness has gotten the better of her. our goal now is to appreciate the days we have left and to keep her as comfortable and pain-free as possible. i’m happy to have had her in my life for as long as i have – those close to me lost their mothers far too early. it’s never a good time to lose a loved one but she’s been witness to the results of the wonderful role she has played as my mom and as nana.

thank you, mom. i love you.

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