a new bracelet for bonhomie charms!

in case you missed the facebook and twitter announcements, bonhomie charms has another new addition! (i know, two within 7 days. the world must be coming to an end, right??)

onewordfrontback the “one word” bracelet was inspired by this “one little word” exercise and the first word i chose was due in part to this post by gitzengirl. (she’s also the creator of the graphic of my “one word” over on my sidebar!)

i wanted to make this bracelet “me”. and i wanted to keep a handle on the price point, ya know? the charm is copper and what’s cool is the textured backside! charms on a bracelet hang differently than a charm on a necklace – as much as you’d like it to, the bracelet doesn’t always show ‘the pretty side’ so i decided to make both sides pretty :-) the bracelet is crafted of a double strand, egyptian leather cord. and i just love the bead trios!! the combinations are all me and there will be more to come!

of course, if you’d like your “one word” bracelet in silver, all ya hafta do is ask!beadtrinitycollage

i’m thinking i might like the jump rings a bit more oxidized to soften the transition from the copper to the black leather – what do you think?

and tell me, what’s your “one word”?

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