5 minute friday :: i feel the most loved when….


it’s that time again! linking up with the gypsy mama for five minutes of unedited writing! be sure to head over and check out the other responses!


i feel the most loved when:

…my husband looks around at all that is undone and all that is left to do and, instead of rolling his eyes, he says “what can i do to help"?”

…my little man comes to our bedroom in the morning for cuddles

…my friends read my blog ;-)

…(by God) when listening to praise & worship or gospel music

…(by myself) when i’m on time and meeting deadlines with a (relatively) clean house and wearing a decent outfit  - there’s that disparity, again!

…my friends & family pay enough attention to know the answers to some of the questions before they ask. and when they ask to be sure they know the answer ;-)


okay, so i’m not a writer. thankfully, i’ve no aspirations to become a writer ;-) but i’m enjoying this weekly task because the topics are interesting, hopefully you learn a little bit more about me and, surprisingly (or maybe not so much), i’m learning a little bit more about myself!

so tell me, when do you feel the most loved?

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