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i've been spending some time searching out new, crafty blogs (new to me, not necessarily brand new, ya know?) i'm really happy that i've done so because i've 'met' some really cool people. i sometimes have a tendency to keep to myself so i'm setting a goal to engage with at least 3 new blogs a week. and, yup, you guessed it! you're gonna keep me accountable with this series ;-)

first up is april at funky vintage kitchen blog. i love the series she's doing on strengthening her marriage (such a fabulous inspiration to work on my own because you can always make it better, right!!) and she's also sponsoring a giveaway which is open at least through tomorrow (so hurry over!)

danielle over at take heart has some beautiful love stories goin on over there. you also might notice somebody's ad button over there........hmmm, wonder who?? keep her on your reading list cuz she's gonna have another huge giveway just like this one (sorry, this one just ended!)

and last (but just for today!) is kim from yellow songbird. if you're already familiar with her blog, you know that she has all kinds of crafty tutorials (sooo wish i had a sewing machine so i could try this j crew knock off tee!) and i really dig her honesty.

so go visit these blogs and make some new friends!!


and i've forgotten to mention: the ME project giveaway is still open! you can enter to win thru march 3rd by leaving a comment at that post.

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