prayers, please….

my plan was to post some fun pics of the holiday festivities that occurred this past weekend but i’ve been a bit distracted so it will have to wait until tomorrow. or maybe the day after.

see, my mom has been sick lately due to an undetermined cause– or perhaps a myriad of causes, depending on which way you look at it! anyway, the doctor phoned after some tests yesterday and wants to meet with her this afternoon. i’ll be going with her, of course. i’m hoping for some sort of explanation. steps to take. an answer. finally. but i’m obviously worried about what that answer might be.

my devotion this morning came from Acts 12. peter was imprisoned and certainly headed for death but his friends prayed. believers prayed. perhaps even strangers prayed. and he was miraculously freed from captivity by an angel of the Lord.

prayer. pray without ceasing. worry about nothing, pray about everything. pray for the big and pray for the small. pray through the good and pray through the bad. just pray through.

so that’s what i’ll do. i’ll pray through. and if you could say a prayer for me and my family, i would really appreciate it.

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