new goodies…….

i really love the silver pebble & pearl necklace (i wear mine everyday!) so i decided to make one for my sister….. sisterpebble

and i did a new charm: a distressed petite initial circle. i’m considering offering this one for sale on etsy instead of the charms website – i’d like to see the response and i’m having a hard time generating traffic to the website. anyone care to share some tips??

newcharmandpebble113010 015

speaking of etsy, the new etsyonsale app was AWESOME over the holiday weekend! but…..as of 5pm on tuesday, everything is still stuck on sale. i’ve sent an email and posted on the forum so hopefully it will be resolved soon. i certainly don’t plan on shutting my shop down because of a software glitch, especially during the holiday shopping season so some of you may end up with some awesome deals because i’m offering another discount (nope, i’m not crazy. okay, well i am a little bit) ………

but you’ll have to head on over to gussysews to see how to take advantage of it!

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