Etsy Holiday Boot Camp

i thought i’d share with you a bit of week 5 – we’re already up to week 7 but i’m all over it, i swear!! anyway, week 5 FINALLY forced encouraged me to take a look at my camera settings in hopes of taking photos with at least some marginal improvement. guess what?? it worked! sorta. i can’t really show you since i was taking photos for the custom charm website but trust me, there was a whole lot less editing involved.

but here’s what i can show you……i was inspired by some before & after pics by some etsy veterans. since all of my pieces are made to order, i really don’t have much inventory hanging around waiting for photo retakes but i headed over to picnik to see if i’d really done all i could do. and then found out that i didn’t. here’s the before photo:




i just love this set. especially the way the light radiates through the dichroic glass stones – they almost twinkle! but this photo certainly doesn’t do a good job showing the radiance (and this was the best of the bunch!)



so here’s the same photo after some additional editing:



much better, right? no, it’s not perfect but at least you can tell what color the stones are! i plan to run the rest of my photos thru picnik – again, i realize that they still won’t be the best they can be but at least i won’t have to hang my head shamefully when admitting that i took the photos.




i was also very inspired with the write-up on staging your photos – i’m going to try to get back to that and i’m also considering using some live models…not sure who (or when, for that matter!!) but it’s definitely on my to-do list!

and in other news, today is the last day to enter my giveaway!! wanna win a custom, personalized “over the moon” charm? then head here to enter!

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