counting my blessings

the holiday season has begun and for some – and that includes me – it brings with it a lot of stress. i’ve been known to have a melt down or two. but that’s not what this season is about. so, to remind myself to keep some perspective (thanks, kristin! <3), i’m counting my blessings. i’m sure that some, if not all, may be ‘repeats’ but who cares! if i’m thankful, i should say so.

1. my family. i can’t say it enough. i’ve been blessed with the miracle of my son and God chose for me a wonderful husband. also included is my immediate, extended and by-marriage family. i got pretty lucky ;-)

2. my friends. wonderful sources of support for me, my husband and my son.

3. this life. as a mom, a wife, an artist. i never imagined this life but God has a plan for us….

4. …..leading to my God. i’m so thankful to have a God who has a plan for my life. who loves me unconditionally and provides for me all of these blessings and more!

obviously, there are so many more that i could list but it’s time to get ready for church ;-)

have you counted your blessings today? care to share?

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