A few months ago, our pastor spent some time discussing service and ministry. It's not enough to just accept Christ - a Christian should serve in some capacity. And "ministry" is not reserved for those who've attended seminary. Everyone has a ministry to which their suited - simply put, I believe ministry is "the act of serving someone; the act of providing care or help"

Okay. So. How do I serve? What is my ministry? Well, I'm not entirely certain. I do recognize the gifts that the Lord has given me - among them is my talent as a jewelry artisan. And our gifts are given for a reason so...............here's my plan: I want to help others. Who? Well....

Very close to my heart is the US Military. I served for a very brief period. I was involved with the USO. I've seen the sacrifices they make - the active personnel and their families. The National Military Family Association (NMFA) provides so many needed services to active military, their families and veterans.

On a smaller scale, I've recently become aquainted with the Hands of Love Organization, which provides funding for children's feeding and other programs in North Carolina. (they're competing for a gift of $250,000 over at Pepsi so please vote!!)

And on a local level, Faith Living Church (my church) is focused on the needs of the community - helping the hungry, providing activities for children, counseling the bereaved, and a wealth of other services.

And here's the how: I'll be designing special charms for sale for the NMFA and Hands of Love. These charms will be available for sale on my new website and the majority of the proceeds (I'll retain only the cost of materials) will go directly to these organizations. For my church, I'm working on some faith-based charm designs to be sold in our church bookstore and also on my website. 100% of these proceeds will go back to my church.

Though I'm not certain that this is the ministry that God has intended for me, I'm continually prayerful about it and I can't help but be very excited! I'm asking for your prayers, as well - that God direct my service and that I follow His path. Thank you!

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