9 years ago today................


I'm sure we all remember where we were. I was at work when I heard the news. I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't quite grasp the significance when a co-worker informed me that a plane crashed into one of the towers. I assumed she meant one of those small, crop-duster types and my thought was "what was the plane doing flying in the city in the first place?"

Then I realized the gravity of the situation. I was shocked. I was horrified. And the situation grew worse. And worse. And then I was outraged. How dare ANYONE threaten us on our own soil! And I remember how the country as a whole pulled together. I was never a Bush fan but during that time, I was impressed. I admired his response. Not surprising - at that point in time we weren't Democrats or Republicans. We were Americans. I thank God that I didn't lose anyone on that day but I did lose something. Something I believe we all lost - our sense of security. It did open my eyes. I also lost my sense of entitlement.

I offer up a prayer to our Lord for the families left behind - that they find the comfort and love that only God can provide. I pray for those who are fighting for our security in those parts of the world far from here. And I pray for those who provide our security right here at home. I pray for all of us - of all beliefs, nationalities and cultures - that we learn to love one another despite our differences and I pray that we are always thankful for the blessings we are given.



Regina said...

So true, we all felt the same, I remember asking my co-workers not to spread rumors since we do not have a TV at work and they were getting the news from phone calls from friends.

Liv said...
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Confabulicious.com said...

I am glad to see someone else took time to remember that day. It really changed our country forever. My family got a second chance that day.


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