Sneak Peek II...

So I've finally finished my marathon photo session and here's a sneak peek of the rest of the pieces!

Petit Bijou Necklaces:

Whimsy Necklaces:

Calla Lily Collection:

Bracelet additions to the Elements Collection:

I haven't quite finished with the Petit Bijou Collection - there are at least two necklaces and two pairs of earrings I've in mind to create. And I'm anticipating some minor changes to the Whimsy Collection - I've come up with a better idea for the necklace bails. But, for the most part, there it is!
Now I've just got to get them all listed!! Whew!


Leah said...

beautiful new work!

kandi-o designs said...

Great new pieces! Happy sales. Kandio

Nyblaque said...

oh my goodness-your jewelry is gorgeous!!!!


Jay said...

Awesome collection's love to see more on your post.
Jewelry Lancaster

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