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Just wanted to give a quick update! I've been plugging away on inventory for the upcoming show. I was able to get five new pairs of earrings done yesterday afternoon - new designs! It feels so good to be able to sit at the bench and just create! By the way, five may not seem like much to some of you but I was overjoyed to have that block of time!! My plan is to photograph everything before the show so I'll be able to list them at some point. Still haven't ordered all the supplies I need to create everything I'm hoping but I've got a partial order on the way. Money is tight so I'm trusting in the Lord!

I've been sadly neglecting my Bonhomie Charms site since I put it up but I've committed to some print advertising for the holiday. We'll see what happens! I'll share the ad copy with you as soon as I've put it together (it's due tomorrow!!) I'm going to have to schedule in more work to the site so it's ready when the ad comes out - I'm planning for lots of business ;-)

And you all may remember that I intended to submit some pieces to the Sundance Catalog and I did! Forgive me for not letting you know at the time - I did it at the beginning of the month. I chose my Twisted Monogram Ring, my Love Knot Ring and my Blue Tear Squared Charm Necklace. I haven't heard anything but I may submit a few more pieces after this upcoming show, depending on feedback I get of my new pieces. I'm not certain there will be any interest in the pieces I sent......the same day I submitted, I received the holiday catalog in the mail and a few pieces in the catalog had a similar style to mine. Maybe that means I'm on the right track??

Last but not least, this has nothing to do with me but I think it's really cool! I stumbled across this "Peace Challenge" by a fellow TeamChristianArtistsandCrafters (CAC) member NewCreatioNZ. Check it out! I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!

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