Housatonic Valley Association Silent Auction

I'm so excited!!! I've donated my very first piece for auction! The Housatonic Valley Association "...works to conserve the natural character and environmental health of our communities by protecting and restoring the lands and waters of the Housatonic Watershed for this and future generations." They're having a rather swanky auction on December 6th to benefit this cause and I've donated one of my new pieces! The auction co-chairs are Diane von Furstenberg, Annette and Oscar de la Renta, Hamilton South, Christine Baranski, Robert Couturier and Nancy Novogrod. The celebrity auctioneer will be Tim Luke of HGTV's "Cash in the Attic". I'm kinda nervous - I wonder if I'll find out if and for how much it sold?? I'll keep you posted!

So about the new piece.....I've really been drawn to stamping and patterning metal lately. Silver and copper. This piece I've named "Lazy Daisies" and the collection itself "Whimsy". We'll see how it's received at the show!

In other news, I'm still preparing for Friday's show! I'm plugging along, creating on average three pieces per day. It still doesn't seem like much but I'm hoping to get more done today. It's odd - I sit down at the bench planning to stock up on some of the items already in my shop but when I begin to work, I either create something entirely new or the piece I'm trying to recreate just won't happen! Perhaps it's a sign that this show is going to call for a whole new look! Either way, it feels so good to be creating on a regular basis. Here's a lesson learned though......usually, I really enjoy the process of finishing each piece by hand. Watching it come to life and sparkle and shine really excites my creative process. However, when I'm trying to build up my inventory with a specific deadline, I really think a tumbler would be handy! That's on my purchase list if this show goes well.

Lastly, I've decided to give myself a mental break and not worry about photographing everything I've made before the show. It's too much pressure. If I can get it done, it gets done but I still have too much prep to do to be ready - as it is, I've a feeling I won't even be setting up my table to see how it looks until Friday morning!

If I don't have a chance to post prior to, Happy Thanksgiving to all! For anyone else with shows coming up, I wish you the best of luck!

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