The Northeast Market at 1000Markets

I realize it's been some time since I've mentioned my shop at 1000Markets. They've undergone quite a bit of change recently, all for the better in my opinion! They have an all new look, easier-to-access catagories and they've added some great seller features for easier SEO and shop management. I really love the 'feel' of the 1000Markets site and with some added exposure, I think it will be huge!

Speaking of 1000Markets and added exposure, all in one day, I found out that my "Measured" Enamel Necklace from the Bonhomie Couleurs line will be included in a 1000Markets/Amazon Fall Fashion Promotion!! Very excited about that....not sure when it's going to begin but I'll keep you updated.

And I was invited to join the Northeast Market!

The Northeast Market describes itself as:

".... both innovative and traditional art and craft from fine art to woodworking, metal craft, fiber arts, toiletries, toys, gifts, accessories and jewelry. The creative passion and free spirit of our artisans and craftsmen is inspired by the independence and self-reliance of our early American colonists. Please take some time to look through our Market and discover the premium quality products handmade in our four-season geographic climate of icy cold, sunny warmth, vibrant color and breathtaking beauty."

The market has a full list of categories with something for everyone. I haven't gotten all of my items in the market yet (my only complaint about 1000Markets is the effort it takes to "tag" everything according to the different markets) but within the next couple of days, you'll find me there, too.

Drop by and say "hello"!

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