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I'm still working on filling a few orders so I haven't had a chance to do any more work on my new line. I realize that this isn't nearly as exciting but I have run across a couple things of interest over the past few days so I'll share them with you. Warning: if you're more organized and on top of things than I am (and who isn't??) this will probably be old news for you!!

Twitterers....find out who's not following back FriendorFollow.com. No sign up required, just enter your twitter user name.

Did you know that Craftopolis has added Treasury countdown clocks? Still hasn't helped me snag a treasury but at least all that counting and adding is out of the picture!!

I just got my first international sale on etsy (woo hoo!!) so I found this etsy thread pretty useful. I've been shipping all of my packages USPS Priority flat rate and utilizing the postal pick up service but that's not going to work for international packages. I think it's about time for me to get an inexpensive postage scale. At least this way I can still handle my postage online and just drop off at the post office. Thoughts? Anybody have an easier solution?

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