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I'm so excited! Ya know what it's like when things just come together? I've had quite a bit of time at the bench this week so I've been working on designs for the Virtual Launch Party and also some stock for Brazen Betties.

I really enjoy my time at the bench - I find creating and working with metal relaxing. Especially the finishing process. I've been making jewelry just over a year now and it's amazing how much I've learned and to see how my skills have improved over this period of time!

For instance, speaking of finishing, when I first began crafting my idea of 'finishing' was hitting it with the polishing cloths. Now, thanks in part to my hubby, I wouldn't dream of letting a piece out the door without starting with my rotary polishing bits (varying grits) and then using my 3M radial bristle disks - I love those things!!! I still plan to purchase a tumbler - more so for the purpose of work hardening pieces like earrings - but right now I have the time to enjoy this processes.

And my handcrafted bezels have gotten SOOOO much better! We all know that I'm 'sawing impaired' (nope, still haven't mastered the jewelers saw!) but thanks to my punch & die set and my rotary sanding discs I can turn out a decent, bezel set ring!

Hmmm....I'm noticing a possible rotary tool dependency...oh well! I'm a power tool kinda gal, I guess!

Okay, time to get back to the bench. Don't forget - "Bonhomie Couleurs" debuts on Tuesday, June 30th!

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