Treasuries or Spotlights?

If you know anything about handcrafted goods then you're familiar with Etsy's Treasuries - "curated" by fellow etsians, the treasuries feature the work of other etsy sellers. The possibilities are endless - themed by genre, color, title, teams........the list goes on and on. The really good treasuries make it to the front page of etsy - an etsy sellers Holy Grail! You might have noticed the graphic on my sidebar that I have one item that's made it to the front page: my Bubble, Bubble Circle Pendant! But I digress........

If you're familiar with treasuries, you know how difficult it is to snag one. I've read the tutorials, suggestions and hints to help etsians create treasuries but I'm not a numbers gal. I'm numerically challenged......I don't quite 'get' how to count down to figure out which expiring treasury will open up the treasury list for a new posting and I'm relatively certain that hubby would do me bodily harm if I set the alarm for 3:00 am to catch an open treasury. Therefore, I am extremely grateful to those who include me in their treasuries despite the lack of reciprocation.

I'm also very grateful to have discovered byhand.me. Johnnie-come-lately, I realize. Many of you have been utilizing this site since it's launch (no, I've no idea when it launched but it was some time ago!) Byhand.me allows anyone to create their own spotlight of any handmade item from (I believe) any online handcrafted sales venue. I've just created my first, feauturing the copper works (go figure!) of 1000Markets Metalcraft artisans. Click here to view. Please click, comment, twitter and anything else you can think of. Then create your own and post your link in the comments and we'll spread the love!

Happy promoting!

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