.......Something new to show you!! You may remember, I've had in mind for some time a new series working with metal clay. Here's an unedited, sneak peek photo of the first piece:

My original plan was to incorporate some black pearls but the stock I have on hand was a bit too large - they protruded too much for my liking. I'm really excited about this series - I'm planning a couple of pendant variations and maybe some earrings as well. I haven't decided on a name for the series but I'm close! Before I made the first piece, I had in mind "The Galaxy Series" but looking at it now, I'm not so sure. Suggestions??

I've also started a copper pendant series but they need a bit more fine tuning before I photograph them. I'm so happy to be working on new pieces!! I've also purchased some new supplies for the 'mystery' series that will be available only at Brazen Betties - photos for that soon to come, as well!

And speaking of "unedited photos" I've gotten to the point that I HATE even thinking about having to photograph my work!! Obviously, that's an issue since I sell my pieces online. I'm pretty sure my work won't sell on description alone! I've tried the DIY light box and that hasn't helped my photos. Next step is to buy a light cube kit. I found this which seems pretty reasonable. It comes with a tent, 3 backgrounds, 2 lights, a camera stand and carrying case. But there's also this cube for less. It doesn't include the lights but I've heard others say they use inexpensive lights they've picked up from Home Depot with the daylight bulbs. I'd love to get some feedback! Also, is anyone using a Canon PowerShot SD750? If so, do you have any tips on the settings? I think it's time to get out the manual so I can move away from the auto settings. *sigh* So much to do!! ;-)

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very pretty..
great blog
mona & the girls
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