Bad News???

I've mentioned once or twice my 'other' business as a Virtual Assistant/Legal Billing Specialist. In the beginning of the year, things were really looking good! I had 6 clients which doesn't seem like a lot but as a stay-at-home mom, it's plenty! Well, here it is April and, though I've acquired one new client, I'm down to three. It's a bit scary but somehow, I'm not concerned.

On the flip side, I received my first statement from "Brazen Betties" - my first local consignment venue - and I must say, I did much better than I expected! In addition to that, this week I have 7 orders pending between online sales, orders from the shop and friends/family. No where near a full time job (yet!) but I'm moving forward.

My other half has had some work concerns as well. Given the economy, the (very small) company he works for has laid off 5 people. He's been told by many that his job is safe but regardless, that's a difficult situation to be in. His tasks have become a bit...........mundane and without challenge. Taking this job after running his own business (which was doing well but lacked security) was a bit of a let down and he hasn't been certain about what to do. Yesterday, a client/friend phone me and said she knew someone who was drowning in work and desperately needed to hire on another individual with hubby's skills. They haven't connected yet but...........who knows?

We've finally found a church we enjoy as a family. Our attendance has been a bit sporadic but we're getting better. I say this to point out that I know God has a plan for us (and for you, too!). So perhaps these setbacks, concerns and worries are His way of preparing us for something new. Or maybe not. Regardless, I know if we put our trust in Him, our family will be just fine :-)

And speaking of family, I haven't mentioned my little man in a while.........he'll be three in August (how time flies!!) and as a reward for reading this whole post with not even one picture of jewelry, I'll show you a recent pic of my little love:

The other day, he came up to me and said "I love you, mama. You're my best friend." Hearing that cures any ailment, woe or worry I could ever have. It doesn't get any better ;-)


Leah said...

What a sweet little boy! My son only has a few words, hopefully when he has more he'll say things like that :)

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

What a DOLL he is! They can make all your troubles go away with just a word or a hug and a kiss! I'm so glad your jewelry business is going well. Hang in there!:)

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