It's been a few days since I've blogged and I'll apologize for that! Illness and client deadlines has made Kirstie a busy girl!!

When I started this blog, I intended to post more about my jewelry - not just photos but inspiration. So here's a bit of that:

I married 'late' in life. No, I'm not ancient but all of my friends were well into married and family life before I met my husband. We also married quickly but that's a story for another post ;-) We did a quick and cheap honeymoon down to Charleston, SC. Before moving the the northwest corner of Connecticut I lived near the shore and it was wonderful to see the ocean again! (yes, I know I'm not that far from the ocean but let's just say hubby's idea of a road trip is a 30 minute drive!!) Anyway, I digress..............the little man came soon after our honeymoon so vacations haven't really been an option as of late so our honeymoon holds special significance in more ways than one!

Those photos were taken on a sunset cruise. We had our second dance as a married couple - huge deal because hubby doesn't dance. Hubby is also often vehicle-sick (car sick, air sick, sea sick....) so it was especially endearing that he agreed to this. We saw dolphins swimming along side our vessel and the food was excellent. Actually, I can't say that we had a bad meal the entire trip!

These pics hang by our closet door, directly across from our bed so I see them often. I won't say that I intended to create any jewelry in the image of these photos but this is what happened:

I had something else entirely in mind - though I can't now recall what it was - but this is what emmerged. The ring came first and the pendant I added. Don't know why but I like to have pieces that 'go together' but aren't too 'matchy' if you get my drift.

So there you have it. Insight into some of my work. Hopefully it was interesting enough to keep you coming back ;-)


Rachel said...

Love your work...it's really pretty! And I loved reading your inspiration...aside from the jewelry, it gave me hope that it's never too late (hopefully) to get married! (I'm still looking for my special guy!)

Youniquely Chic said...

Your work is stunning! I hope to take a metal-smithing class after the first of the year, I have so many designs in my head that just can't be done with jumprings and headpins!

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