Thursday Thirteen #6 - My Favorite Things

I'm very much enjoying being a member of 1000Markets - the site is very streamlined and has the feel of an exclusive gallery while maintaining a friendly, approachable 'attitude'. I thought it would be nice to share with you a few of my favorite things that I've found on the site while browsing around (as I frequently do!!). In no particular order:

1. By Formfire Glassworks, this Amethyst Droplet Sticks 3 lampwork necklace:

2. By Heart of Nature, this Dainty Mushroom Village Print:

3. By Designer Photo Imaging, these Ravida Wedding Invitations:

4. By Amy Giacomelli, Four Seasons:

5. From Tickled Pink Knits, the Rococo Shawl:

6. By StrawberryLuna, this "G" is for Giraffe print:

7. From Metalsgirl, these Multi Dot Earrings:

8. From Georgia Treats, these Red Velvet Cake Balls:

9. By One Girl Circus, this Felted Wool Jacket with Lace Cut-outs:

10. From Recycled Jeans & Things, this Jean Pocket Card Set:

11. From Happiknits, this Funny Girl capelet:

12. By Urbbody, this Ginger Almond Pear Solid Lotion Bar:

13. From DuffyDesigns, this Hammered Brass Leaves Necklace:

And I could go on and on.............be sure to visit these talented artisans. Just click on the photos to be brought to the product or or click their shop name to see everything else the have to offer. And while you're there, do some browsing yourself. You never know what you might find!!


formfireglassworks said...

Great choices!!! Thanks so much for including my necklace as one of them! I love 1000 Markets as well!

Birdhouse Accents said...

I could go for a couple of those cake balls from Georgia Treats

delightw said...

So many beautiful things on 1000 markets,must have been hard to chose.Good job!

Made by Melissa said...

Great feature, I haven' visited 1000 Markets yet, perhaps I'll check it out.

Claire said...

Love 1000Markets! Great features!

Duffydesigns said...

I agree with you about 1000 markets! Nice choices! Thanks for including me. Now I have to go see all the nice shops!

Kitty said...

Awesome picks! Thanks so much for including my Dainty Mushroom Village :) I love Amy's four season! 1000 Markets is really awesome, I completely agree!

Sleepless in SoCo said...

Very nice choices! I love those pocket cards. I used to save my old pockets and use them for crafty projects. :)

Anonymous said...

All very cool stuff.

I did at TT too.

Becca said...

1000 markets is alot of fun to check out! Thanks for sharing your favorites and for including my Funny Girl capelet :)

Julie said...

Great selections! I absolutely love 1000 Markets!

HareAndDrum said...

Beautiful items from beautiful shops! Thank you for promoting 1000markets.com !

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